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Educated Politicians - Brief Explanation

Even though the Constitution of India Given the Right to casting vote to all adults of over 18years age, but the question is, whether the people used it as a positive tool and cast their votes to the educated politicians?

Educated Politicians

Educated Politicians

Even though the Constitution of India Given the Right to casting vote to all adults of over 18years age, but the question is, whether the people used it as a positive tool and cast their votes to the educated politicians?

It's not a tricky question, but it has answers which are quite opposite to each other because it has both positive and negative side. If we consider the positive side then the answer would include the advantages of it, and if not, the answer would also include the advantages of it but in a negative sense or in the opposite sense. 

Now we will discuss both sides one by one. 

1) Positive Side - 

As the positive side of this question is if people are going to cast their vote on the basis of their qualification and the experience in the individual field then the person who would be going to elect as a member of parliament or either of MLA or representative of the people, surely by the choice of the difference he would work for them because then he should feel some empathy for them as they measure the vote on the cost of their future not for the piece of money. The major advantage of this answer is, the responsibility for the representative of the people would increase as people given him a chance on the basis of his credibility, not on his patrimony. 

2) Negative Side -  

As discussed in the above point that the negative answer of the above question also has advantages but in the negative sense are explains as - if the people consider that or taken for granted to all representatives then they would cast the vote not on the basis of their qualification or the patrimony but on the piece of money with a dish of non-veg and glass of drink for a day. 

The priority of the people is to the negative side, because for the day of money, meal, and drink people cast their vote to the politicians without knowing the credibility of them. 

The answer of both the considerable side of the core question, here the new question always come in a mind of empathetic persons that, 

Is it suitable for blaming the public on the basis of their actions? as the constitution of India rewarded them the right to cast vote as an individual choice, and no one has a right to blame the public on the basis of their vote. 

But the major part of the opposite side is the public to whom we consider that they have given a vote to the wrong person we should have to communicate with them to get to known that why they make that choice and try to figure it out core issue of it. 

Why people cast vote to the uneducated politicians? 

For sorting out the answer of it we will find the points which mentioned as below,

  1. Hierarchy Patrimony
  2. Dominance of Representative
  3. Distribution of free money, meal, and drink
  4. Goons of Politicians 
  5. Fake Promises 
  6. Communal issues 
  7. Media Propaganda 
Brief discussions on the above points as follow 

Hierarchy Patrimony

Still date India facing the free conversion of the vote on the basis of a hierarchy patrimony of the politician's families. Many political parties have plenty of representatives who are of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4rth generations of the only families. I don't want to take the names of them, as we are already aware of those names. 

The Dominance of Representatives - 
All the past, as well as present representatives of the peoples, have dominance in their individual areas as leaders of mass, no matter whether they are/were work for people or not. This is the kind of considerable fact that has impact or mob, their one statement able to gather people and make mob riots or violence. 

Distribution of free money, meal, and drink  - 
Impact of money on people in the ruler areas really not make any sense, because during the journey of Indian politics after independence in all elections of the ruler area all the representatives distribute money, meal, and drink as a considerable thing to cast vote in his/her favor. Even today, in the small election like panchayat, money makes an impact on all elections. 

Goons of Politicians -
Many politicians having their own goons to divert the flow of peoples in the directions whatever they want. The private goons are able to control the mob by their health power.

Fake Promises - 
Many people do not even differentiate between the facts and propaganda of the political parties, as many of them cast their votes on the basis of considering the famous face of the individual party and whatever they made fake promises. As we know the present representative of the central government, and how they made fake promises of black money and government jobs.

Communal issues - 
Now, the communal issue is the core agenda of the political parties as it gives an opportunity to create own vote back politics, many political parties, for example, the present governing party raises its hand in India only in the basis of communal satisfaction of one side of people. And only on this point, they started to grow their vote bank. and finally, in 2014 they got the majority of votes.

Media Propaganda - 
Today, media do not seem to be impartial towards the people as they didn't raise the voice of people in a differential manner, many media houses only running the propaganda of the governments in the adorable manner and considering it as an essential duty. 

Ideal Educated Politicians -
This is only a hypothetical answer, might not possible in the present situation, even though we can consider the following points should be there in the idealness of the educated politicians-

  1. Should have depth knowledge of this own field and having the ability to convert it into an effective product for the benefit of the people
  2. Should have and empathy towards people and should their core issues
  3. Should deliver the productive schemes in consideration satisfactory of work
  4. Do not stand with the agenda of the party if it not suits to the benefit of the people 
  5. Use his education as a tool for delivery of effective work

Thanks to the reader who still have the hope for change. 

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