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Fake News - How to Spot Fake News - Fake News Analysis

As many of us now aware of the concept of “Fake News”, because on many occasions we realized that the news which we were read and supposed be relied on, it was nothing but the blunder of fake news, only because of it we lost so many things on a daily basis.

As many of us now aware of the concept of “Fake News”, because on many occasions we realised that the news which we were read and supposed be relied on, it was nothing but the blunder of fake news, only because of it we lost so many things on a daily basis.


Why fake news is threatening to democracy?
We known that after the autopsy of any news we realize that the exact point was another, and only due to the spreading of fake compromised propaganda we blindly relied on it and got confused. Due to the emerging of fake news, it is very difficult to make sensible debates on controversial topics or even on the basic topics. It was not a term many people used five or six years ago, but "fake news" is now seen as one of the greatest threats to democracy, free debate, and the Western order.

How the fake news is spread around?
With the improvisation of the communication with the persons it comes in focus as facts of propaganda. And the evolution of the social media sources and the persons for the lack of social or educational knowledge, as well as the persons who easily relied on the unknown sources due to the communal thoughts get spread around the world. The major fact of the news is that some fake news is in types on which we will easily rely because we got that news from our colleagues, friends, relatives, family members, or sometimes from authoritative persons.

Is it possible to get rid of the fake news?
After knowing the facts and spread issues about fake news, many peoples come with the thought that every person has the right to get true news or factually correct news. From that idea, many online websites and some of media agencies started to autopsy each and every news, and therefore it is possible to get rid of the fake news but on similar grounds, it is a time-consuming process. And only because of that reason fake news done its job and sometimes planted the unwanted communal thoughts.

Why the fake news are given disinformation and even people relied on it?
As due to the emerging easily handled social media accounts, most of the political parties started to spread a communal thought through their IT cells, on this social media war the ruling party BJP is on top, and only for vote bank politics and the polarization of the votes they started to spread fake news about the opposition party Congress and example of it is – fake news about the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

         On many occasions even, the present prime minister Narendra Modi also spread the fake news during his election rally, and even after the realization of it was fake news, he didn’t apologize for the act. And that is why the emerging of fake news started in India on a counter basis. The BJP IT cell head also caught for spreading fake news, even the BJP spoke person Sambit Patra also spread the communal fake news during his television debates.

     As the information which got to the people by the source of authoritative persons, peoples blindly rely on it.

How to stop the spreading or forwarding of fake news through social media?
For completely getting rid of the social media forwards, the account and the forwarded messages should be scrutinized by the committees. As there is always a different kind of news categorically therefore forwarded material or matter should be scrutinized by the exact authoritative committees.

1)  Restrictions on the forwarding are also one of the solutions to get rid of it.
2)  Dismissal of the social account after forwarding or posting fake news.
3)  Penal Acts should be applicable to social media accounts.
4)  Find the responsibility of the post or forwarded messages.

5)  Use of Fake News Detector-
Use of the fake news detector is the important thing as by using technological things it would be easy and speedy to find the fake news. By the targeted responses we can easily able to find the admin or the person who posted around and make his accountable for his actions. Use the detector of fake news checking. The checking of fake news will be easy due to the fake news detector.
It is a kind of fake news detection using machine learning.

6) Use a programme like in local languages
Keep programs like – fake news Hindi or fake news  Tamil or fake news in Marathi
Also starts with the campaigning like – fake news in Hindi or fake news in Tamil or Marathi fake news

7) Use advanced technology to stopes it –
By using anti-fake news generator, or taking the accountability of the news agencies that spread fake news.
The programs like an anti-fake news generator will help to find out the culprit.

Here are few Fake News Example
1)  The first example of fake news is the murder of Akhlakh in north India only because of people were violated because of fake news or cow slaughtering.

2)  Recent Palghar incidence also indicate the example of fake news – as mob of the tribes killed three persons only because of they thought they are kidnappers. And the effects of fake news is whole mob were accountable for the act.

8) Stopes online spreading of fake news –
Fake news on social media like – Facebook, Twitter, Whats App etc.

Are the basic sources of the spreading of social media fake news, Facebook as open sources accountable for the easy way of spreading fake news as compared to twitter and whats app. Fake news on Facebook is wildly spread concept than the fake news on Whatsapp or fake news videos.

Fake news on social media is not a new concept now but due to the changing of few penal provisions, it also comes under the penal code for social media fake news.

Here are a few articles about fake news or fake news article or fake news articles by reliable sources along with the some reliable website that reveals the fake news –

India’s reliable Fake News Analysis Websites-

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How to spot fake news –
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Fake news website / fake news websites
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