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Fictitious Future Technologies - 10 crazy most advance futuristics technology

10 crazies most advance futuristic technology

 Fictitious Future Technologies - 10 crazy most advance futuristic technology

      As newborn baby curious about the world, we adults also curious about the technological changes what would happen in the future. And therefore by thinking in that way, we are giving 10 crazy most advanced technologies of the future. We are not uploading any relevant images as all are the futuristic technologies, but you will definitely imagine by reading about it.


Futuristic technologies are referred to as the technologies of the future which will emerge in the future or after 30 to 50 years by technological changes as our scientists keep working on it for the easement of the human being.

What is the most advanced technology on Earth?

As of date the discovery of the internet and the computer-based artificial intelligence devices are the craziest technology on earth and its advanced minute by minute due to the efforts of technical engineers or scientists.

What inventions will we have in the future?

The biological devices with artificial intelligence and which will be capable to cure the diseases or will proclaim about the futures generated diseases and able to enter into the human body and treat on the defected cells or organs of the body and cure them by their own artificial intelligence will be the great steps into the historical journey of the human being. As human being will increase their ages and will become immortal as of characters of fairy tales. 
What can we expect in 2050? (future technology)

      The increasing role of artificial intelligence in daily life, because of every new day is coming with a new invention in the field of artificial intelligence their for the role of artificial intelligence will be future inventions that could exist by 2050. And by the time of 2100 that technologies will be dominated over human beings if we would lose control over them. 

What would be the most advanced city in the world?

The cities which would be advanced in the world should have to define themselves and regenerates on the basis of technological advancement. And overcomes would overcome environmental difficulties and redefine themselves.

Here's the 10 Craziest Futuristic Technologies 

1.    Free internet and the Concept of Net Neutrality

Free internet to every individual to access anything through the internet with free of cost would be the futuristic step in future, this step will again raise the volume of advancement to the standard of life. 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

2.    Disease cure by artificial intelligence which inserts into biological devices.

The tiny biological devices with artificial intelligence will raise the aging pattern of human beings. And will help them to become immortal. But this immortal technology comes with the disadvantage of population control. As if everyone would be immortal then where will be the space for new-born living beings.

Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

3.    Speed Travelling

Traveling problems will be solved in futures as there would be single persons or one sitter devise like chairs which would be flying in the air with the speed like a bullet train.

Photo by Benjamin Suter from Pexels

4.    Embodied artificial human body organ with artificial intelligence

As now, if any person loses his/her natural body organ by an accident or due to chronic diseases, he would be easily implanted new human body organ by biological advanced technology and rebuild it as it was. Our innovative ideas will help us to build a good future.

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Advancement of the holographical technique for communication

The holographic technology will be advance in the future and will emerge into smaller devices like mobile phones, then people will take advantage of it to communicate as now we communicate by video calling. Is would be crazy future technology

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

Transfer of sound by one place to another through silicon-based microchip inserted in brain or ear

If any small chip will insert into the human brain and it would be working like any artificial telepathy device by matching the frequency through the brain waves in the brain without any contact number or costing of communication would be futuristic technology.

Photo by Jeremy Waterhouse from Pexels

Notifying or tracing of sound waves from any ingredients or walls

As we say that even walls can hear a sound. Yep, this phrase would be true by tracing the sound waves from any physical ingredient, and record the sound waves and generate into the hearable sound or voice. It is a kind of future technology prediction. 

 Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

8.    Laser-based wall or houses

As we build a house by walls to hide from the weather or any unwanted enemies, but in the future, the same role would be played by the lesser, which will create the kind of the wall around persons and hide them from the enemies.

Photo by Christophe RASCLE on Unsplash

9.    Slow down or stops the aging effect

By the advanced biological technology, scientists would be succeeded in freezing the physical age of the person to keep them young foraging.

Photo by Naku Mayo on Unsplash


10.  Artificial beauty

As the role of biological devices will increase in the future, the artificial beauty of the persons will be gain by forming colouring agent melanin in the body in sufficient matter which required for the whitening of the body. It would be the most advanced technology.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Thanks hope you enjoyed my thinking ability and future inventions and innovative ideas in technolog

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