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GluCair - Pain-Free Diabetic Glucose Breath Detector

Imagine a world where those with diabetes can safely and effectively monitor themselves with just in a single breath. That time is finally here, no needles, no pain. 

GluCair - Pain-Free Diabetic Glucose Breath Detector 

Imagine a world where those with diabetes can safely and effectively monitor themselves with just in a single breath. That time is finally here, no needles, no pain. Just exhale, diabetes affects. Over 44.3 million people in North America and the Caribbean combined and, over 415 million people worldwide. By the year 2040, that total number is expected to reach over 642 million people worldwide. This disease is a global problem and affects people of all ages and, the current method to monitor diabetic blood glucose levels is less than ideal. Self-monitoring blood glucose levels are critical for patients living with diabetes. Yet it is estimated that between 34 to 80 percent of those patients, aren't testing themselves regularly. Not only cause non-compliance but result in life-threatening complications. 

It's estimated to also be a global cost of 673 billion dollars a year in medical expenses and, reduced productivity. The reason why people go untested, it just plain hurts not anymore. Introducing the GluCair, the world's first pain-free diabetic monitoring Breathalyzer. It has been known since the 5th century BC, that an individual's breath can often be used to diagnose medical conditions.

Based on studies proving a correlation between breath-acetone and, blood glucose. New England breath Technologies LLC has developed, the first purely non-invasive medical device for monitoring blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes. No needles, no pain, no blood, it's as easy as exhaling.

How does it work?

The GluCair Breathalyzer uses multi-layer nano-technology to detect breath-acetone to correlate with blood glucose levels in diabetic individuals, when breathing into the device the humidity of the breath activates the sensor slides this the process allows for the acetone to now interact with the multilayer nanotechnology. Acetone is an organic compound produced by the body as part of the metabolism. As blood sugar levels rise so do levels of acetone, and those of diabetes have higher levels of both this patent-pending technology to accurately measure breath acetone levels using a handheld device. Are truly revolutionary diabetic patients. Around the world are just looking for a technology that's non-invasive that allowed them to improve their condition be more convenient and really allow them to impact their lives and really change their lives. That's really exciting for a company called Breathalyzer technology, not only they are empowering the patient, but helping the diabetic community around the world. The GluCair Breathalyzer by New England Breath Technologies making life better one breath at a time. 

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