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Tribes - Uplifted Culture

After watching the thumbnail of the article, people will widely open their eyes by seeing naked women or blowing boom on their heads. But whatever peoples think in their dirty minds, is it applicable to the men who are living within tribal cultures?


Tribes – The Uplifted Culture

After watching the thumbnail of the article, a person's eyes will widely open by seeing naked women or blowing boom on their heads. But whatever peoples think in their dirty minds, is it applicable to the men who are living within tribal cultures?

Here’s, you will get many answers which won’t reveal before.


 Are tribal communities impregnated with sexuality as they eventually not wearing clothes?
The answer is “NO”, there is not sexuality impregnated among the tribe's communities even they are not wearing clothes, the reason is that, because they are surrounded by the peoples who are always not wearing clothes or negligible clothes only to hide their private parts. As they are always surrounded by the persons with the naked body the sexual pleasures of knowing about the opposite sex persons are negligible, therefore the persons who living within the tribal communities of secluded groups not sexually ill and to attract towards the opposite sex. Therefore, there are no questions of impregnation of the sexuality within the tribal community as we have seen in the urban communities.

What are the good aspects of tribal culture?

The good aspects of the tribal community are, they are still using natural sources for their essential needs as of date, therefor the primitive knowledge of surviving between the climatic conditions is better then many of us. As Natural Inhabitant of the jungles, they are aware of the secrets of nature, like many of naturally occurring medicines and the ingredients which are the great sources of protein or the essential minerals.

The disadvantage of this natural inhabitant is, still date of the modern era they are struggling for basic needs.

But in many countries Governments are working good on an individual basis, even the UNESCO working together to keep them preserved their culture but aware them about their rights in the modern era, and therefore new generations of the many tribal communities are taking modern education now and trying to step up forward.

Why the tribes still not wearing cotton clothes?

As of date many of us are not aware of the tribal communities better than me, as I am belonging to the tribal community therefore I have known the basic things about us. Yes, there are certain communities they are still not wearing clothes or wearing only negligible clothes. But the reality is different, the primitive communities which are still staying in the deep jungles of the area, are still attached to the cultural things and the rituals. But due to the modernization and spreading of the good governance within many countries’ governments started working on the tribal areas and that is why more percentage of the new generation started wearing modern clothes along with modern education and jobs too.

All the tribal community having natural gene of the strong body and a better community along with the sharp brain.

Therefore there are many examples of the athletics which are belongs to the tribal communities and by giving them an opportunity and proper guidance they keep growing their names of the world.

e.g. – Merry Com (Women Boxing), Hina Das (Women Running),….. etc    these are the few examples of tribe of India.

Why the tribal culture in pure and natural culture?

As still date of the modernization, tribal communities are living in the jungles except for the new generation and therefore they still depend on the natural resources for their most of basic need. Even in this era of the science and technology they taking treatment by themselves by the medicinal plants.

As one secret I have to reveal you here, tribes which are still living in natural inhabitants, are aware of the medicines or the natural ingredients which are using for the broken bone or the fracture of bones, and within weeks your bones would be successfully joined.

Unique Modern Civilizations –

Tribes are not by technologically modern but by culturally rich as they did not discriminate any women in history and even in most of the tribal cultures are based upon matriarchy culture and emerge tribe dynamics culture within the society of jungles.

The tribe in India and tribe in Africa might be genetically similar as Indian tribes are migrants of Africa only, because of the cultural traces.

Tribe called quest as they are filled with the knowledge of nature.

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