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1000 claps for UGC for Extra Caring about the Future of the Country

Let’s see the image? Have you noticed the Statue of the Student?


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Not yet?

See now, It’s clearly visible to you. And imagine with yours…

Yes, with yours?


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Let's thank UGC as they have given Golden Opportunity to the final year students to build their own statue….

1000 claps for them for caring about the future of the country. When All the medical experts are prompting that stay at home, and stay safe. Even the USA is thinking about the next phase of lockdown, UGC and the Central Governments are playing with the health and the future of the students.

Today's Supreme Court hearing is postponed to 10th August.

Is UGC playing with students’ life?

The answer is NO
because the UGC is going to reserve medical team of 1 Doctor, 5 Nurses, 10 Ward Boys, 2 persons separately reserved for the Sanitizing of the Student, there is the staff who will be taking care of the final year students who will appear in the exams.

Read it again, let’s read BRO and SIS…….

"UGC is going to reserve medical team of 1 Doctor, 5 Nurses, 10 Ward Boys, 2 persons separately reserved for the sanitizing of the Student, there is the staff who will be taking care of the final year student who will appear in the exams."

Because Exams are too much important, and which would be securing the future of the Student’s Careers (if they could save themselves from pandemic) and if they won’t give the exams, they won’t get engaged, won’t get married and finally won’t continue their super Dynasty of Kingdom. And the focal thing is, then... How would India become Vishwa Guru?

So, giving exams are more important, even though you will get decreased due to the exams, and please don’t worry!!, 

UGC will release the funds for your shining “Made in India Statue” with a remark of “Corona Exam Worrier” and the Central Government will give lakhs of rupees to student's families. 

So, Don’t Miss this Golden Opportunity to get your Own Statue at your Place or Lane of the City or the Hut, irrespective of castes. (Or might they could include caste wise preference)

Imagine the situation? Lol!!!!!!........


Is UGC playing with the Countries Future?

Yes, the above-mentioned question is 110% correct on this line. When the other world securing their clans and caring about the inchmeal aspects for securing the lives of their citizens from the COVID19 pandemic outbreak, UGC and the Central Governments are playing with the future of the country by relying on their arbitrary action of conducting the final year examination and enforcing this on the Universities by the remarking that the Universities are free to conduct the exams by their own appropriateness and procedure.

Yes, the options are good, By the Universities Appropriateness.

Hahahahahahahah……. How funny it is!!!

But the reality is,

Are they really discussed all the current situations and every aspect of the country’s conditions before notifying the arbitrary notice?

Whether the country and the universities are in the position to conduct the exams in the COVID19 pandemic?

Can’t guess, 
because if they really discussed all the aspects about it, then they didn’t arbitrarily enforce their thought on the Universities and the Students. 
No one is till deceased from their families due to COVID19 pandemic, otherwise they could care about the student’s health and have some empathy towards student's life.

How educational degrees are more important than the student’s health?
They really care about them as we are the Self Proclaimed Vishwa Guru and no one will die due to COVID19 as we already discovered the vaccine and medicine which minimize the COVID19 effect, and the Government is freely distributing it to the public, and no more cases are found in the country.

Great Ton!!!

Nothing has happened like this.

Thanks to UGC for being the head authority of student’s education and very much caution about the students, and feel them free in view of the future, and without any precautions instructions. 

The country which don’t have single rupees to spent on their labors to send them back to their homes, now playing blunder games with their student’s health and take them away from their safer homes to the unknown COVID19 zones.

Good, keep it up!!.... 

Heartily, appreciate your decisions of minimizing the population before the 2021 census. 

Why I am writing here in a sarcastic manner?

Because they can't make a decision in view of all students. Why they can't consider the mental stability of students in the pandemic situation. The questions came in my mind that, what about the students who are not in the position to travel towards the universities for giving the exams as the State Governments and the University authorities already send them back due to the pandemic situation. And is it feasible to travel in pandemic where most of the trains and transportation are closed or only allowed to travel within the limit of districts?
UGC thinks that, all parents are moron, and they will allow their children to travel towards the unknown COVID19 zones. GOOD.

Why the UGC wants to play with the student’s life?

Why they don’t silently sit on their chairs and watch television and reviewing the number of corona cases and increasing death's ton?


They don’t rely on the number?
Then, UGC should have to come openly and assure the students and their parents that COVID19 is not even exists and you can freely convey yourself and give exams.

Many of the universities from Maharashtra including West Bengal converted into COVID19 centers, even though Bar Council of India postponed the All India Bar Examination so why UGC is taking extra care of the final year students, as heaven will not fall if exams are canceled.

Many will say, what about the online examination?

Yes, UGC suggested the Online option of the examination, let's autopsy it.

Many universities are not in the position to conduct the exams as the infrastructure is not suitable for it, or if they allow students to give exams from the home by the online way then India is not a country that is suitable for conducting the online examination from the homes, excluding cities of the country. As BSNL and JIO not giving their 4G speed in Dhan, Dhana Dhan way and after all, many students are staying in the ruler areas, so UGC’s expectations to give the exam from the home not fulfilled, as many of them don’t have smartphones and internet connections.

Therefore, meanwhile, it is not feasible for the students who are staying in the ruler areas, even though to the middle-class students who are currently struggling with the bread and butter.

Why UGC is in hurry to take exams before September?

The answer is unknown to all, as they arbitrarily gave the notification and enforcing the universalities to conduct the exams with submitting the remark of "State Government don’t have the right to scrap the exams" as it’s Central's power. And we knew right now Central is busy in the agenda of Bihar elections, so can’t expect more from them.

Let’s see, How much fund UGC releases for Statues of CORONA EXAM WORRIER??

(The article is a kind of sarcastic one, so Statue of the corona exam worrier is an imaginary thing and can't mix with the reality)

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