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Fearless Motivation

Fearless Motivation | Beat Fear of Failure

Time is less and Commitments are More!  

But You will do it! 

Do Not Fear! 

Your Decision is absolutely Correct for your life. 

B'coz of Your Hardwork, There is no one to fail you in the Exam. 

You Shouldn't Fear at all! 

People will say, How you can Think so Big? 

People will say, We should don't care! We should not Imagine So, Big! 

Let them Say whatever They are Saying 

Because They Fear of doing whatever you have decided! 

Never ever Change your decision due to them! 

Let People Say whatever they are Saying. 

You Should not Care! 

Goals seem Monstrous until You are dreaming! 

Image by Scott Webb from Pixabay

The one who is Living His Goal, it becomes his Daily Routine. 

Same as Waking Up, Brushing Up and Being Fresh! 

But you should not quit! 

Let People Say whatever they are Saying. 

You should not Care! 

Really How many People are afraid of your decision! 

That it's Impossible for you! 

Even if you try it for 100 Times! 

Genius Students are there for it. 

It's not for a Middle-Class Family or an Average Student! 

It's not in our Fate! 

People will keep Passing their Frustration and Failure onto You 

Energy will be wasted if you start fighting with them! 

If you wanna Listen,It's Alright! 

But You Should not Fear at all! 

How many people are afraid! 

Everyday They will keep Discussing the Bad Things that happened earlier with you 

Like, What if you fail in your Job Interview? 

You are not gonna get any Government job. 

So,you will do some Private job. 

Tell them with a Smiley Face- 

Oh Common! Stop all these Shit! 

Jobs and Trains keep coming! 

Do wait for Sometimes! 

You will do Your Dream job, either Government or Private or whatever! 

You should not fear at all, even if they are your colleagues, Friends, Enemies 

Just never do any illegal work, 

Let People say whatever they are saying. 

You should not fear at all! 

It doesn't matter even if you lost a Job 

See, Moon was Crescent yesterday. 

But It's a Full Moon Today! 

You shouldn't Cry, Just by Thinking -Full Moon is never gonna Rise! 

Let People say whatever they are saying. 

But you should not fear at all! 

Now,The matter is that You Should Leave Them or Fight Them 

Follow my advice- Keep a Distance from such People! 

If it's your Helplessness 

Then Listen with one ear and Leave it with another! 

Make such Behaviour! 

Even then if it's your Biggest Helplessness!! 

So, Don't Stop yourself from listening to them Interestingly! 

Don't be Confused while they are Saying a lot! 

Always remember- They are Showing their own Limit! 

Keep watching- How much they are Afraid of!! 

People will say something,It's their Job! 

You shouldn't Feel it at all! 

Whatever happens,You will not Fear! 

They will keep Forcing thier own limit onto You!! 

Always keep Smiling,Never Ever be afraid! 

Since our Childhood, We are grown in a feared environment 

If you will do this, that would happen! 

If you will not do this,Something else will Happen!! 

Hey, Listen 

You have some Common Sense, You are not a Non-Sense 

Never do any Nonsense work 

And Never Leave Any Senseful work! 

Let them Speak whatever they want, Just Never be Afraid! 

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