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Top 10 Atal Bihari Vajpayee Quotes - Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes

Shri Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India from May 16-31, 1996, and then again from March 19, 1998, to May 13, 2004. With his swearing-in as Prime Minister after the parliamentary election of October 1999, he became the first and only person since Jawaharlal Nehru to occupy the office of the Prime Minister of India through three successive Lok Sabha. Shri Vajpayee was the first Prime Minister since Smt. Indira Gandhi to lead his party to victory in successive elections.

Here are the top 10 quotes of Atal Bihari Vajpayee

1.   "You can change friends but not neighbors."
2.   "We hope the world will act in the spirit of enlightened self-interest."
3.   "Our nuclear weapons are meant purely as a deterrent against nuclear adventure by an adversary."
4.   "Global interdependence today means that economic disasters in developing countries could create a backlash on developed countries."
5.   "Freedom is incomplete without social justice."
6.   "No state should be allowed to profess partnership with the global coalition against terror while continuing to aid, abet, and sponsor terrorism."
7.   "In the euphoria after the Cold War, there was a misplaced notion that the UN could solve every problem anywhere."
8.   "The reality is that international institutions like the UN can only be as effective as its members allow it to be."
9.   "The UN's unique legitimacy flows from a universal perception that it pursues a larger purpose than the interests of one country or a small group of countries."
10."The Bio-diversity Convention has not yielded any tangible benefits to the world's poor."

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