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Is India moving from “Rule of Law” to “Rule of Gun”?

The Judiciary is a co-equal branch of government or one of the strongest pillar of Indian democracy along with the Legislature and the Executive. 

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The Judiciary is a co-equal branch of government or one of the strongest pillar of Indian democracy along with the Legislature and the Executive. If one of that branch intentionally (In criminal law intention having importance) ignoring their boundaries and interfering in other’s domain then this encroachment becomes slow poison which kills that system steadily.

The present scenario of the criminal judicial system in the country depicts the same picture. Now a days, where the police (Protector of people/Aam Admi ke Rakshak) have become the Judge and the media (Voice of people/ Aam Admi ki Awaaj) especially electronic has started behaving like Court.

The deaths, in an encounter of gangster Vikas Dubey and four accused of Hydrabad rape and murder case has revived the debate on the “Right to kill” or “Extra-Judicial killing” which is the ugly reality and blot of our country.

The disturbing thing is that large number of people approved and celebrated that instant and brutal form of justice. In some of the cases people praised police and showered flowers upon them. This phenomenon of our society moves us towards retributive justice (Khun ka badala Khun se).

The fact that we are only writing and talking about extra-judicial killing but in actual this kind of killing collapses criminal justice system which is extremely worrisome.
Every time people defending their views by blaming our criminal judicial system.  If the people felt that the judicial system was not able to deliver satisfactory service, why did they not mount pressure on elected representative since independence for enacting new legislation that could deliver speedier justice.

Not only citizen of India but also the politician like Chief Minister of UP (so called “Samaj ke Thekedar”) becomes “Brand Ambassador” of “Thok do” policy. Even after Hydrabad encounter Ex-Chief Minister of UP Mayawati had supported that via tweeter.

The politicians of this State are very much known for giving shelter to the criminals. Few decades back this State had to abolish Section 438 (Anticipatory Bail) of Criminal Procedure Code due to the increasing rate of crime. After committing a crime, criminals were escaping from law by using funda like “Hum vaha the hi nahi” (They were somewhere else at the time offence committed).

Within Last 3 years more than 100 people were killed and more than 1800 were injured during an encounter (Terror of Police). Gangstar Vikas Dubey’s encounter one more time highlights the blot of our system and after 74 years of Independences the same question is being raised, Is India moving from “Rule of Law” to “Rule of Gun”?

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