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No Scope for Hope, if PM also lied with the Country

      We are now in a pandemic COVID19 situation, and how the role of media is biased for the citizens now, but not only today, last year when the reports came from the Assam, Center and the biased media didn't show the reality of the Assan for the citizenship issue, NewYork Times came with the facts in the month of April 2020

It's really amazed us. and shows the true color of government and how they lied, and still lies with the citizens. If you will get time, then must see the documentary of the NewYork Times, which will be blown your eyes.

   The detention center in India’s Assam state was set to open in a few months. But India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, says it doesn’t even exist, well this one is real.       

And some hidden media person went to the remote northeast corner of India to see it. State officials and workers told them this compound will house up to 3,000 detainees, people who are declared foreigners.      

Reporter: “Why are the walls so high?” But here’s the thing: Many of the people likely to be held here might not even be foreigners at all.  

The fear is that most of them will be Muslim.

And the state they live in is leading Modi’s push to change India into a more overtly Hindu nation.     

See a portion of the documentary, where Monavra Khatun is Muslim. She says she was born and raised in India and has the documents to prove it. Still, she was left off a roster of Indian citizens in Assam.

Now, she must prove she’s legal or risk being sent to detention. She’s not alone. Almost two million people were left off that list.  

See the Documentary

Soon, many will be called to a court like this one called a Foreigners Tribunal. These people have been marked as suspected foreigners. They’re bringing their documents to an official. 

That person, appointed by the government, will then decide if they’re Indian citizens or foreigners.

Mamoni Rajkumari was one of those officials. She issued decisions in over 600 cases, the majority she found, were Indian. And then She sued the government and told us, she was fired because she didn’t declare enough Muslims as foreigners.     

But it was implied. that media person found five more officials, like

Rajkumari, who accused the state of targeting Muslims. Only one other would appear on camera. The rest feared reprisal.       

Kartik Roy said he started to face pressure a few years ago when Modi’s party, the B.J.P., took control in Assam. When he didn’t declare more Muslims as foreigners, he said, he too was fired. But how can someone with documents who’s lived for years as a citizen suddenly be declared illegal?       

Take Azbahar Ali, his spelling error became grounds for questioning his citizenship. He lost his case at the Foreigners Tribunal and ended up going to jail for almost four years. During that time, his family sold their land to pay legal fees. And his wife committed suicide.      

Ali was released on bail. But until he can convince the court that he’s Indian, his name will not appear on the citizenship list. So he could end up back in detention. And that list: It’s riddled with clerical errors.

Dukhdam Das, is also not on the list. His case is pretty much identical to Ali’s, except for one key thing, he’s Hindu. And as far as many in Modi’s party are concerned, that just means Indian. So, last December, the government doubled down. It passed a new citizenship law favoring all major religions in South Asia except Islam.     

In Assam, that means Hindus who are left off the botched list could have their rights restored. But across the country, critics see the new law as the latest example of Modi’s anti-Muslim agenda.   

Protests led to religious riots in India’s capital. More than 50 people died in the violence, the majority of them Muslims. But despite months of protesting, Modi has not backed down.       

In fact, officials in his government have promised to make a country-wide registry of citizens just like the one in Assam. Modi has denied that that’s his plan. Asbahar Ali voted in the past, as only a citizen can.   But he may not get to exercise that right again. 

Hope never dies, otherwise, mam will die. So, Lets hope, that almighty will sue them, for not taking responsibility as a master. 

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