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PM Boris Johnson Sets Out New Hospitality and Face Covering Rules


PM Boris Johnson sets out new hospitality and face covering rules
Source - BBC

In the Parliament, PM Boris Johnson stated that

“Response to the rising number of coronavirus cases, and how we must act now to avoid still graver consequences. Later on, at every stage in this pandemic, we have struck a delicate balance between saving lives by protecting edges and minimizing the wider impact of our restrictions, and it's because of the common sense, fortitude of the British people. That earlier this year we were able to avert an even worse catastrophe, forming a human shield around our NHS and then getting our country moving again by reopening key sectors of our economy returning children to school.

But we always knew that while we might have driven the virus into retreat the prospect of a second wave was real and I'm sorry to say that as in Spain and France and many other countries we've reached a perilous turning point. A month ago on average around a thousand people across the UK were testing positive for coronavirus every day the latest figure has almost quadrupled to 3929.

Yesterday the chief medical officer and chief scientific advisor warned that the doubling the rate for new cases could be between seven and twenty days with the possibility of tens of thousands of new infections next month.”

Watch the Detailed Statement - 

Source - BBC NEWS

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