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AIBE-XV is Postponed Again

On 17th Oct 2020 on the official website of the All India Bar Examination, the committee postponed the AIBE-XV exam with the simple 2 lined notification. The detailed schedule of the examination will be displayed again in the upcoming notifications on the official site.


Why the Exam is Postponed again?

- As per the notification of 17th October it is not clear the exact reason for the postpone but might be the effect is due to the pandemic COVID-19 or the situation of the institutions to arrange the exam.

Why the Students are affraid of all?

- In the amid of COVID-19 central bodies redirecting to the other institutions and universities to take the exams, and they are successfully arranging it too. But it's almost 1 year now, the AIBE not been conducted, and even the AIBE institution did not come up with the proper guideline for the exam as they mentioned that after taking sanad from the states bar council, the applicant has to have clear AIBE within two years or in 4 attempts, therefore it created chaos among the students who did not clear the exam in previous attempts.

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