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Cleared Again - Corona Effect

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels of Grand Canal

Cleared Again - Corona Effect

As lockdown started on the planet earth, our planet has taken a sigh of relief for the overflow of carbon, and many more hazardous harmful gases and climate started to recover again as we have seen on images of social media.

Many crowded cities also having the same sigh of relief, as the most dangerous animal human by taking advantage of his advanced brain and self-proclaimed patrimony of planet earth destroyed the natural sources and climatic conditions of the planet earth.

But the outbreak conditions like COVID-19 given us an opportunity for self-realization, as even we are technologically better than the other living being, but still we have restrictions to survive on this planet, and we are not god.

Many environmentalists are happy because of the current climatic change, as it would never be possible on our own, but the one virus corona did it.

Therefore, Thanks to the Corona, for given us the opportunity to see the cleared nature again. 

The social media posts of the big city's economic capital Mumbai and capital Delhi blew my mind, the views were not seen before. both cities looked like foreign countries and realized that if we take control of the emissions of the dangerous gases we will get the nature like this.

So, take a long breath and commit yourselves to restrict the emissions of dangerous gases and start using the eco-friendly sources.

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