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What Will Be The Corona Vaccine Price In INDIA?

Corona Vaccine Price in INDIA-What Should be the Government’s Policy?

      From the last two or three months most of pharmaceutical companies which are dealing with the antibodies related a medicinal formulation like vaccines dealing with making antibodies as a form of vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic disease.

      As per the media report of Hindustan time more than 30 vaccines against the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) are in different stages of development and a few are going to clinical trial stages in India even as existing drugs are being repurposed, experts have informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a meeting of the task force.
       No doubt, all pharmaceutical researchers from the around the world giving their efforts to make it possible might be they are coming around to the last stages. But as COVID-19 is a pandemic disease and given unperishable traces to the human history, and after the final stages of the clinical trial if companies would succeed in the development of the vaccine, the question will arise that “What would be the price of the corona vaccine in India?”
     As some of the news broken by media agencies but are unofficial news traveling around the media reports, price of the vaccine would be around 1000 rupees and companies would try to make it as cheap as.

       But the final price of the vaccines would be declared only after the declaration of official product into the market.

       As all the countries are facing the problem of pandemic disease COVID-19, the governments which are ruling into the individual countries should have made it possible to make it possible for free of cost, it is the major responsibility of the government to take further action after the finalization of the official product. And the step which would be taken by the governments would succeed them in the fight against the COVID-19.

   The major focus of the government should thereon the development of the vaccines and let's see how the government will help the researchers for making it possible by given certain approvals of trials.

What would the effect of the price of corona vaccine in any countries around the world??

It's kind of FAQ now, because of most of the underdeveloped or underprivileged countries are keeping their hope on he countries that having good pharmaceutical back up and started to develop a vaccine for the corona. There for the price of the vaccine will make sense to each and every country who are keeping their hope on countries like India, the USA, and furthermore.

What would be the responsibility of the countries which would develop the corona vaccine?

Either of countries which would succeed in development of the vaccine should have shared or revealed the secret of the formulation instead of trying to make a profit from it and looting the underprivileged countries.

What would be chances of getting patent of the corona vaccine?

Yes, there are chances of getting patent of the vaccine but as per the logical human being it is the situation for the survivors of the entire human beings. So, instead of getting involved in the work like patent, it would be easy only the get it patent and  the after makes it possible to get access to the vaccine to every needed country to counter the corona disease.   

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