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Creation of Wealth

  This one is probably the most popular factor, How do we make more money? How do we get rich? 

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

       This one is probably the most popular factor, 

How do we make more money? 
How do we get rich? 

For, to become an engineer, we need to study engineering but have you ever wondered what do you need to study, if you want to become rich, you want to study this factor in detail. The education system of this whole world needs a revolution because it doesn't feed our brain with financial education and lessons about wealth creation that is the ultimate desire what one wants after finishing academics. 

        We are bound to the societal way of creating wealth. Where did we get this system from? For more than one and a half centuries, we are forced to become employees, not employers. Followers, not leaders. We have to get out of this degenerative cycle and strive to become great leaders and entrepreneurs and to be more accurate Financially Free! Till the time a human doesn't come out of the vicious cycle of daily working to earn bread and butter, one can't understand the real meaning of being human & discover the brilliance and possibilities in life.

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