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Facts about Corona Vaccine

Corona Vaccine - Facts about COVID-19 Vaccine - Future

Facts have different meanings but for reality has exact. Where peoples are struggling around COVID-19 treatment as its new and on another site some National and International pharma companies claiming that they have done their job of making COVID-19 vaccine. 

But is it true?

As per the media report of 5th May, 2020 scientists from Italy claiming that they have done their job and successfully made it possible, but it is true?

As per worlds pharmaceutical practical experience for the discovery of new medicines takes around years and years of work, and after that few of trial, batches comes to the stages of a final clinical trial or human trial. But in the major case like COVID-19, research scientists claiming that they have done their job successfully in hardly more than 3 months or less than that. So, it is quite hard to make sense. But after all, if they did it, then congrats to us as finally human beings successfully done their job to survive more and reintroduced as intelligent species of planet earth.

On the similar ground as Italy claimed, Israel scientists also comes with the idea of COVID-19 vaccine as they developed antibodies for it.

Even both the groups of scientists from Italy and Israel claimed it, on the same day WHO corona experts said “There may never be the COVID-19 vaccine”, therefore the claims of both the groups of scientists along with the pharmaceutical companies those are likely under developing COVID-19 vaccine are comes under pressure to prove themselves.

But the truth and the fact is that even the single complete treatment option would open the closed door of lockdown again.

Advantages of vaccination

Vaccines protect against diseases that can harm us. Some of these diseases can cause serious chronic health problems or death.

Vaccines have saved more lives than other medical interventions, including antibiotics or surgery. Vaccines also, help prevent disabilities such as blindness and paralysis that can be caused by disease.

Vaccination protects others you care about, including our family members and hospital care staff.

Better for being of the planet is "Stay Home, Stay Safe".

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