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Impact of Media and Social Media on Cultivation of Thoughts in Society

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Cultivation of thoughts is not a lengthy process in any modern civilization as the impact of social media, as well as mainstream media, is an increase in our life. Every new power comes with certain disadvantages, it is not only a movie dialogue but a true statement. 

The Impact of modern social media posts and the blind morons who shared communal posts raise the volume of miscommunication and caused often deaths in-country.

for minimization of the impact of social media and mains-stream media need to implement the pattern of BBC like media house on whom there is no direct or indirect contact of government or the state or the best solution for is, to avoid to watch the communal news channels or the communal sources of news which spreading the communal propaganda for only to satisfying their governmental masters.

Not good but it's true that every political party has its own kind of fund utilized in the management of the media houses, and we are like in the era where the state has more. it's not any wrong statement as we always saw the increased rate of government advertisements for poor publicity on the televisions instead of implementation of governmental schemes. 

The major impact of the communal propaganda on social media affects the uneducated as well as blind educated persons who are always ready to stab anyone without scrutinizing the news. As the impact of it our country lost hundreds of people and some are not notified on the records. 

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