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Cycle Baba - The Doctor Who travel across the Globe for Climate Change

Ayurveda Doctor from India i.e. Cycle Baba started his journey on Bicycle around the globe.

Cycle Baba - The Doctor Who travel across the Globe for Climate Change

We have seen many peoples around the world who started raising their voices for Environmental pollution, Global warming, Climate change, and its effect on the human race Encourage Plantation, and among all of those the Ayurveda Doctor from India i.e. Cycle Baba started his journey on Bicycle around the globe to aware people for the same.

Yes, on Bicycle. You read it correctly. For making awareness about the global warming and practical awareness and encouragement of people on the Climate change started his journey from his own Country India and continued it with traveling around the globe and just returned almost after 4 years to his home in India due to global pandemic situation of COVID-19 but still keeping hope to restart his journey again with the same positive activity of cycling. 


Who is Cycle Baba?

Dr. Raj Phanden i.e. Cycle Baba is from village Bhuna from Fatehabad District, Hariyana State, India, an Ayurvedic doctor (M.D) by Education and had practiced almost for a decade in Haryana - India. He started back in 2016 with a mission titled - Wheels for Green, World Bicycle Traveler from India on a Bicycle only to travel across the globe to create awareness on Environmental Pollution, Global warming, Climate change, and its effect on the human race Encourage Plantation.

How he covered his journey around the globe?

Cycle Baba Started his World Bicycle Journey as - 

Beginning his journey from his hometown, Bhuna a small village in the district of Fatehabad in Haryana, He has covered almost more than 49010 km in a time period of 3 years and 4 months on a Bicycle only. Following are few names of countries which He has covered so far: Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Timor, Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan Japan, S. Korea HongKong Macau, Oman, UAE, Iran Azarbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and India.   

What is the "Wheel For Green" Program?

WHEELS FOR GREEN is an awareness program to save the environment which is the most basic need of the hour. This is initiated by Dr. Raj Phanden (CYCLE BABA), He is on a world tour since 2016 on a bicycle to spread the awareness to save the nature/environment which is degrading with developing technology. He rode in -20 degrees to +50 degrees during this adventure journey. Meeting people from all religions and all aspects of life showed him that there is only one way to save this earth from pollution and that is awareness. So He continues this 48000 km ahead to make people aware and save this environment for the future.

How Cycle Baba Travel during his journey?

Cycle Baba initiated his journey from home states of the country and after that continued his program around the globe, as seen in below 

As shown in the above image he started his journey from home states one by one and thereafter he continued his journey throughout the globe.

How Cycling Benefits?

The below images of Cycle Baba's public domain pamphlets shows it as -

How you can witness his journey on a bicycle?

Don't worry Guys, Cycle Baba kept his journey on the youtube channel named as usual no doubt "CycleBaba" for securing to witness with his journey during this initiation of the Wheel for Green, the way of his taking during the recording of videos, it will really amaze you guys as it will help you to be the part of his initiation. 

Starting with the following videos blown your eyes with the beautiful natural scenario, let's see first - 

I would like to suggest you guys watch all videos of his journey to at least support his morally and economically by commenting. liking on videos and watching with ads respectively during the watch time. 

I like the videos of London Tour in which he met with young Indian lady and both shown us the beautiful scenario of London Bridge, it was a fantastic experience as we totally confused within ourselves, as we are also witnessing with both in their journey and taking drops of rain around the body. 

let's see the video and enjoy the beautiful London with the hats full respect to the statue of Mahatma Gandhi ji and Nelsen Mandela ji.

for more videos of Cycle Baba visit his official Youtube channel - CycleBaba

What is the message Cycle Baba wanted to give to the people?

For the initiative program of the Wheels for Green, Cycle Baba wanted to give the lessons to the people about minimizing the carbon emission, deforestation and prevent the global warming effect. Saving the environment for the future generation should be our valuable goal during this life, otherwise, We would not be separated from the animal bread if we die without thinking about the future of planet earth and upcoming generations. 


What is the message of Cycle Baba?

Dr. Raj Phanden i.e. Cycle Baba, is very cleared about his message to the people those are - 
  • Don't hurt Nature
  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Take the initiative to save nature as we live within
  • Be healthy and happy with pollution-free nature
  • Ayurvedic Education for a healthy life
Here is no explanation about the above-mentioned things as we are already aware of whats going on here on planet earth and how we human being misusing nature purposely for our own pleasures.

What's the schedule of Cycle Baba for his journey around the globe?

Cycle Baba keeping hope with to travel around the globe about more than 150 countries up to 2025, 

How Cycle Baba manages his journey with electronic gadgets?

Cycle Baba during his uses electronic and another essential gadget as Bicycle, Camera, Traveling bag, and communication gadgets, and so on...

How you can contact and support Cycle Baba?

You can support and thanks to Cycle Baba for his journey or any other help to him by directly contacting him on his official social media accounts-

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