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Weird "Snake Island ­čÉŹ" - Where No Human Allowed to Live

Have you heard an island, where humans are not allowed to visit??

Yes, you have read it right. 

Today, I am going to tell you about one such island. All of you want to know where this place is and why there is a No Entry for humans. 

So, guys, this Island is called Ilha Da Queinmeda, also known as Snake Island­čÉŹ, Because here Snakes are present all over the island in massive numbers. and this is why humans are banned to visit this island. 

Weird-"Snake-Island ­čÉŹ"-Where-No-Human-Allowed-to-Live
Photo Courtesy - wikipedia


This is a small island situated 33KM away from Sau paolo and spread over only 106 acres

If you by chance reach this island, it may be difficult for you to return. 

It is said that in 1909, a family lived here who was entitled with the responsibility to look after the light house but the family became the victim of the snakes and after that an automatic light house was installed here.

The most poisonous snake of the world, Golden Lancehead ( scientific name Bothrops Insularis) is also found here. 

Approximately, 4.3 lakhs snakes were suspected here but the research conducted by Discovery channel revealed only 4000 lanceheads, and after that Golden Lancehead was declared an endangered species. 

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