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Overview on Social Media by - Adv Shaunak Behal

What is social media?  

Social media is all the apps we use on a global platform for eg. Facebook, Whatsapp, email, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Social media has its various advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the advantages of social media is we get connected with people faster, people with whom we have lost touch can be connected through social media. 

Disadvantages of social media are many for eg.  harassing, stalking. There was a belief that social media produces criminals is not true because there are many apps which also help in tracking people through phones, many people who get separated from their family also get connected through social media. 

Social media makes people so obsessed that any notification comes they want to see it then and that time, social media makes people wake up till 3 am in the morning, or rather people don’t sleep at night and are just using social media. 

It is said humans get distracted by social media and one after the other they commit mistakes, to rectify the previous mistakes more mistakes are committed. 

Social media is making humans like zombies though on one hand, it is helping people progress. 

It is through social media only one comes to know that relatives are safe during disasters and natural calamities. 

There are two paradoxical cases where social media helps people find the right choice for their marriage but also leads to stalking by a boy to a girl. 

There are cases where simple numbers are available to everyone but the craze of WhatsApp is so much that WhatsApp number is required by everyone. 

Hence to curb this menace social media must be used but to a limited extent.

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