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   The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday took a stern stance in the Supreme Court, insisting that all universities should complete the final examinations of degree courses by September 30.

     On behalf of UGC, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that according to the law, only the commission has the right to decide how and when to confer degrees on students. State governments cannot tell universities not to 'take exams'.

   There are two petitions in the Supreme Court against the UGC's July 6 directive to hold the final degree examination by September 30. One of these petitions has been filed by Aditya Thackeray, a minister from Maharashtra and president of Yuvasena, while the other has been filed by 31 students studying in 13 different universities across the country. 

    As the Corona epidemic is still raging, it is dangerous for students to take such exams. Therefore, the degree should be awarded on the basis of performance in the previous year without taking the final examination, the petitioners said. On this, UGC strongly affirmed its decision. The state governments of Maharashtra and Delhi also issued affidavits ordering universities not to conduct examinations.

    Mehta sought time on behalf of the UGC to respond to the affidavits of the states. The next hearing was fixed for Friday, August 14. In making the affidavit, the bench asked Mehta whether the Disaster Management Act could go beyond the UGC's directives.

What do the Maharashtra and Delhi governments say?

    The Maharashtra government said, "We will not allow universities to take exams even before the UGC gives these instructions." Was reported. Following these directives, the State Disaster Management Authority reviewed the situation in Corona in the state on July 13.                                          

     The Vice-Chancellors of all the universities informed that it was not possible to take the exam and it was decided to uphold the earlier decision not to take the exam. The Delhi government, along with Corona, argued that it would be unfair to take the exam as there was a huge disparity among students in terms of digital tools.

Tushar Mehta said,

The law stipulates that a student cannot be awarded a degree without a proper examination and evaluation of the knowledge he has acquired. So Students should continue their studies keeping in mind that if the exam is not held, they will not get a degree.

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