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Pakistani Drama That Reveals the Position of Women | Akhri Station

I feel my self be a hypocrite, as I didn't make a post on this drama, as it will definitely blow the eyes of every person who has some mean or care about the society, nothing else to tell but, we human beings od every country and in every era discriminated women or only use them as a pleasure of the sexual satisfaction. 

The Pakistani Drama, Akhari Station is the perfect example and true color of our self proclaimed intellectual community and the position of women in society and how we think this issue as a piece of media debate, educational syllabus, and legislatures acts. 

‘Akhri Station’, a drama that features stories of seven different women aired in the neighboring country Pakistan, Yes.....Pakistan, that doesn't mean they don not having any content, the dramas of the parts and the situations they created on the televisions drama in Pakistan are really appreciated, they are better than the Indian television drama were still in the 21st century, drama directors and producers serving us one Ichhadari Nagin, and a lady whose husband came back from the heaven (might be hell) again and again for years.

okay keep all aside, lets come to the point.....

so where I was?....


The Akhari Station is the art of writer Amna Mufti has penned down the story that is directed by phenomenal director Sarmad Khoosat.

Akhri Stations is the project of The Kashaf Foundation, The Kashf foundation for human rights previously addressed complex social issues like child marriage and sexual harassment of children in their previous projects. Still date I don't remember anything is in Indian television drama like this, where one production house did things for human rights, if I'm wrong comment below.

Akhari Stations first episode starts with, As the whistle blows and the train pulls off the platform at Lahore station, the jolt and rhythmic lulling of the train sets into motion the mirrored lives of the seven women bundled together in the women’s compartment. 

and the frames the journey started as part of the narrative through inspired stories of real women and the unfair burden they must bear.

there are seven stories, accompanied by the lead role of one of the writers named Tehmina (played by Sanam Saeed) started her journey with another bundle of women, in the first episodes in the first few minutes we will feel empathy with every character of the drama. Let's begin the journey. 

1) Episode No -1 

2) Episode No -2 

3) Episode No -3 

4) Episode No -4

5) Episode No -5

6) Episode No -6

7) Episode No -7

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