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How To Combat The Rise Of Extreme Weather Events, An Urgent Call to Action There - Stefan Ramstoff

How To Combat The Rise Of Extreme Weather Events, An  Urgent Call to Action There - Stefan Ramstoff
Source - DW Portal

Climate activists are getting together to push politicians on the climate emergency. Scientists are clear on the impact of man-made global warming. And populations around the world are being affected.

Ravaged by fire, large swathes along the west coast of the united states have been devastated. This year's wildfire season has been one of the worst ever. More than 11 thousand square kilometers of forest and towns have been reduced to ash and rubble. Entire communities have gone up in smoke.

One of the Witnessed to the even said that - 

  • All of a sudden the mountains were just ablaze, a few days ago you know it was way down to the east and I wasn't worried about it, and all of a sudden it just came across without any wind. I couldn't believe it.


Witnessed from the Brazil Said That

  • In Brazil too the number of fires in the wetlands of Ponsonal more than doubled in the first half of 2020. Compared with last year, then there is Baragaika crater in the Siberian arctic. Around a kilometer wide and 100 meters deep. It's been created by the melting permafrost. When organic matter melts it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and that speeds up global warming. 
  • On a small scale the processes we are seeing with the Batagaika crater are happening everywhere, ice melts underground the ground subsides. That's taking place. So when people look at the Batagaika crater they can see the perfect example of why you shouldn't joke. About the permafrost.


Rising temperatures caused by the climate crisis are leading to more drought. The result is more and more intense wildfires. Grounded planes and a nearly shuttered industry because of COVID19, saw daily carbon dioxide emissions fall globally by 17 percent in April, compared with 2019. But, levels are now increasing again experts say the action is needed now.

But I think there's also a chance, if now the right measures are being taken, if we invest in to low-carb solutions, renewable energy, sustainable transport that we can avoid getting back to the previous levels but this requires political will.

 With activists and climate advocates due to take part in 2020's biggest climate event this week in New York, they'll want to kick-start that elusive political will.

In Questions with the DW Portal Climatologist Stefan Ramstoff Opinioned that, Need Urgent Call to Action - 

Q. Welcome to the program and thank you for joining us what kind of action do you hope? This year's climate week will generate?

Ans - Well the action very much depends on the national governments, the UN  has basically done what it can do by reaching the Paris Climate Agreement, and the key action we need now is that every government actually implements the Paris Climate Agreement, and unfortunately we are seeing that only by very few countries that they have sufficiently uh ambitious plans and actions.

Q. what we're also seeing, I mean we saw the images in our piece a bit earlier um we're seeing climate events so for example, California going up in flames some people still arguing that it's a weather phenomenon due to bad forestry, put put these events into the broader context for us, what is your answer to people, who say that? 

Ans - well it's becoming ever more clear that extreme events are enhanced and made a lot worse by climate change, and in terms of the wildfires, it's something the intergovernmental panel has warned long ago in its reports that these would increase as it gets hotter as if it gets drier in some regions of the world, and it's really a no-brainer that this enhances wildfires. 

on the other hand we have more extreme rainfall events as well that's basic physics because a warm the atmosphere can take up more moisture and then rain it down, we have more devastating heat waves and the sea levels are rising, satellite data show that hurricanes are getting stronger, something that has also been long predicted by climate science, because these tropical storms get their energy from warm near surface ocean temperatures and they are of course increasing of course with every extreme event the people who are in denial of reality come out and say no no this has nothing to do with climate change but the scientific evidence is overwhelming.

Q. As you highlight that evidence um also break it down in terms of the numbers for us, because in one of your articles you've argued that it's vitally important that emissions don't increase beyond 2020 if the Paris climate goal um of preventing this temperature rise to no more than 1.5 is to be achieved? Walk us through why that is so important and how we are doing right now?

Ans - Well emissions are still rising but they should be falling by now because what counts really here is what we call the cumulative emissions, that is the total of CO2, that we have emitted since the beginning of industrialization, and what that means that every year where we add more carbon dioxide, to the atmosphere means that we also have to reach zero emissions earlier to still reach the same climate goal says the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, and already the last report by the intergovernmental panel on climate change has concluded. We need to have global emissions by the year 2030.

So we only have 10 years to cut the emissions in half and that means we have to start now, we can't even afford to lose a single more year.

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