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LawBundle - Grab Law eBooks Quiz Competition

Law Bundle


The Truth of Society Come Up with the Quiz Competition - "LawBundle", where the immediate registration will secure you to grab 10 law ebooks,  (in which all participates will get access of overall 10 Law eBooks irrespective of score)


if participants would like to get access to more law ebooks then, he/she can solve the LawBundle Quiz and for each correct answer, he/she will be eligible to get access to 1 law eBooks.

(please note that all ebooks are from our personal library which restricted to the participants only, no further sharing or distribution allowed)

The quiz will be based on the Subjects of the Constitutional law, Indian Penal Code, Cr.P.C., C.P.C., Family Law, Contract Act, Law of Tort, Jurisprudence, Law of Evidence and Legal Maxims.

Rule of LawBundle - 

1) The negligible registration Fee is Rs.25/- only.

2) As soon as you register you will be eligible to get the access of 10 law eBooks. 

3) Participants who want to grab more ebooks can participate in the quiz. (No Compulsion for first 10 Law Books, Need only Registration).

4) Quiz type - Objective type.

5) Time - 30mins.

6) No Negative Marking

7) Number of Questions - 50.

8) Each question carries 2 Marks.

9) The quiz will be Auto Reload after 30 min (submit your quiz before 30min)

10) Minimum Marks - 10

Instructions for the LawBundle Quiz

1) Participants are bound to use the same email id which he/she used at the time of Registration. 

2) Variation in the email id brings disqualification of the candidates.

3) The website will show you the quiz score immediately as soon as you submit your quiz. 

4) No refund will be entertained.

for further queries, you can mail at -, or WhatsApp on - Click Here

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