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Memes That Says Something

 In the greatest and shameful economic crisis, social media people really strongly playing the role of active journalism by the sarcastic way, here are the memes that say something about the reality and showing a mirror to the electronic media for giving unwanted coverage, instead of covering the issues of unemployment, COVID19 cases, down economy and many more. The original source of the memes not found but all credit goes to them and them only. 

1) Media Coverage on Rhea - 

2) Publicity stunts of Kangana 

3) Social Distancing followed by Electronic Media during coverage - 

4) Unwanted Extra Ordinary coverage of Rhea

Memes That Says Something

5) Biased Coverage of Godi Media

Memes That Says Something

6) How Social Media Work

Memes That Says Something

7) PubG Banned

Memes That Says Something

8) Again Rhea

Memes That Says Something

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