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Unemployees Campaign will Blow PM | #9Baje9Minute

In the amid of COVID19, after the success of #5Baje5Minutes, the youth now comes with the event of #9Baje9Minute. That indicates that the Pioneer (PM) of Event maker, now get a reply by own ways.

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 It's not the first time when students and unemployees raised their voices, they did it in every term of governments. but in a pandemic situation is worsening now. See the unemployees video memes that will blow everyone's eyes. (what about PM?)

1) Old Bollywood Song

2) The response of Unemployed in Unemployment Campaign

3) Examiners of  UP 

4) Contract-Based Employees

5) Competitive Exams Coaching Teacher

6) The Promise of Prime Minister

7) PM in the Election Campaign 

8) Student Asked for Railways 6 lac Apprentice 

9) Unemployed

10) PM during Election Campaign

11) Rahul Gandhi in Election Campaign

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